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Best Inexpensive Smart Lamps You Need to Buy

By Eskanisa R

04 January 2021

Inexpensive smart light bulbs you need to know.

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Nowadays, smart lamp or smart bulb reaching top position in search engines as most see items. This lamp can also be connected to home assistant gives new function and improve atmosphere in your spaces.
You can easily find a lot of brands offering smart lamps with advanced features you can control through your smartphones. For those who want to create the ideal atmosphere, more comfort and warm should check these inexpensive recommendation we rounded up from vary resouces.

1. Xiaomi Yeelight
One of the Internet of Things (IoT) by Xiaomi, Yeelight is smart LED bulb with 16 million colors combination you can adjust to your mood. The intensity, from lowest to brightest, as easy as snap your finger.
It also comes with program to turn on and/or off automatically when you leave and/or enter the room after a set time. Smart features of Xiaomi Yeelight are perfect for sleep, reading or simply improve the overall look of your bedroom. Xiaomi Yeelight priced for around Rp200.000.

This rising local brand also has 16 million colors you can adjust through smartphone. Brightness and saturation levels can be adjusted manually to your mood. There are also options night for sleep, read for learning and reading your favorite book, working to done your work, leisure for relaxation, music to listen to the music and more. BARDI RGBWW 9W priced for around Rp100.000 at the official store and known e-commerce.

3. MIPOW Playbulb
Last but not least interesting which also priced for around Rp200.000, MIPOW Playbulb. This one comes with shake mode feature you can adjust the color by simply shaking your smartphone. This is a perfect answer for partygoers, those who enjoy me-time at home with their favorite music on the background. Either you put this lamp at bedroom or floor lamp, this definitely gives luxurious feel and atmosphere.

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