Best Local Makeup Brands with High Quality

Best Local Makeup Brands with High Quality


Who would thought these following Indonesian makeup brands have high qualities succeeded made many women in awe. Here are three local makeup brands offer you high quality and must be in your makeup pouch.

1. Rollover Reaction

photo source: https://www.instagram.com/rollover.reaction/?hl=en

The first local makeup brand gained the popularity through their lip and cheek cream, Rollover Reaction. Established in 2016, Rollover Reaction immediately has many fans. It simply because their lip and cheek cream consist of vitamin E, antioxidant and UV protection, it also suitable for matte lip look without making the surface of your lips dry.

Moreover, Rollover Reaction claims all their products are cruelty free (does not harm yet kill animals). In previously, it only can be purchased online, now all you need is available at their first outlet in Plaza Indonesia. Along with lip and cheek cream, other beauty products you should try are lip stain, eyebrow gel and highlighter at reasonable prices start from Rp109.000.

2. By Lizzie Parra

photo source: https://www.instagram.com/blpbeauty/?hl=en

You probably should be familiar with the name of Lizzie Parra. Yes, this beauty vlogger has enlivened local makeup brands with her products. By Lizzie Parra, also known as BLP offers you quality cosmetic products with a very simple yet sophisticated design loved by many women. The lip coat is wearable for all skin types, both fair and deep one. A creamy texture, soft formula of its lip coat make it easy to be applied and feel so light on the lips. BLP also offers other beauty products you should not miss, such as eyeshadow pen, brow definer, powder, blush & highlighter at reasonable prices.

3. ESQA Cosmetics

photo source: https://www.instagram.com/esqacosmetics/?hl=en

Not surprisingly people think this local brand comes from overseas. The matte lip liquid by ESQA Cosmetics has luxurious packaging with rose gold touch even make the packaging looks more glamorous. To get perfect lips, you do not need to swipe this product many times. Because the texture is thicker than other brands. It also consists of spectrum protection from sun. All skin types, fair to the deep one can wear all their perfect colours. There are also quality beauty products you should put on your makeup pouch, eyeliner, brow pomade pencil and cheek palette.