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Best Local Perfume Brands with Elegant Fragrance

By Isny Dewi R

08 October 2020

Local perfume brands with elegant fragrance that are worth a try.

Photo source: Pixabay
Almost all women love to use perfume, because it makes them smell good and more confident. No need to spend deeply to get an elegant fragrance like perfume from abroad. You can try local perfume brands that also offer attractive, and even long-lasting fragrances. Here are recommendations for local perfume brands with elegant fragrance that are worth a try.
1. Carl & Claire
This local brand presents perfumes that are claimed to help increase women's confidence. Carl & Claire provides fragrances with various variations and categories including Floral, Fresh, Luxury, and Sporty for men and women.
Photo source: Instagram @carlandclaire
One of the perfumes that women should try is Natura. This variant combines Violet, Lotus, and Verbena notes. Natura provides unique and elegant aroma throughout the day. With a touch of sandalwood, amber and musk, this fragrance is perfect for those of you who love floral scents with feminine and fresh impression. This latest collection from Carl & Claire is priced at Rp 299 thousand for 30 ml bottle with a fragrance that lasts more than 10 hours.
Carl & Claire
Instagram: @carlandclaire
2. Oullu
Oullu has simple packaging but still looks elegant. This local perfume brand offers five variants of fragrances with the aroma of jasmine, vanilla, to sandalwood. One of the best sellers of this brand is Arcana. This variant has bold yet modest impression, reserved mannerisms concealed with sensuality.
Photo source: Instagram
With almond and licorice as top notes, rhubarb and ground pistachio as heart notes, and ambergris and vanilla as base notes, Arcana is perfect for attending special occasions and date with your loved ones. Oullu offers her perfumes in 50 ml package which sells for Rp 389 thousand and 15 ml size for Rp 189 thousand. You can buy it on or the official store on e-commerce platform.
3. Euodia Parfums
Euodia Parfums provides perfumes in various sizes and variants. Apart from perfume in liquid form, there is also solid perfume so you don't have to worry about spilling it when you travel.
Photo source: Instagram @euodiaparfums
One of Euodia Parfums variants that you must have is Iridace with a floral heart of Orris concrete extract, with sweet vanilla bourbon and sandalwood in its undertones. This item is offered for Rp 349 ​​thousand for 30 ml size, pR 499 thousand for 50 ml size, and Rp 799 thousand for 100 ml size. Meanwhile, the solid perfume is priced at Rp 289 thousand.
Euodia Parfums
Instagram: @euodiaparfums

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