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Best Music Streaming Apps for Music Enthusiasts

By Eskanisa R

05 October 2020

Available for free and paid streaming.

Photo source: Pixabay
The rise of streaming platforms displaced the old habit of listening music. We were transformed the MP3 audio file to listen our favourite music on our mobile or tablet, but now streaming has exploded over the past few years. Hence, you can listen to all your favourite songs through these best music streaming apps reported by vary resources.

1. Apple Music
First best music streaming app for iPhone users is Apple Music. As reported by MakeMac, you do not need to download any supported app to stream music from this app. As simple as sign in to the Music app and register your account. All registration process can be done on iOS device or Mac. Besides, you can easily find latest music video on the Browse menu and make your own Playlist. Get Apple Music free for three months and pay a subscription for Rp49.000 on the next following months. 

2. YouTube Music
YouTube Music is a new music app allows you to easily find what you are looking for discover new music. Since last year, YouTube Music giving Indonesian users best music recommendation using Google Smart Search. Put the lyric snippets (keyword) for any songs you want to hear and voila!
This app also has Video Hotlist to provide most played songs (trending) on the internet and video for any songs you played. By spending Rp49.000 per month, you can enjoy any song without ads and download for offline played.

3. Amazon Music
This app came from and available on both iOS and Android. There are free version of Amazon Music (with ads) also ads-free subscription packages including Amazon Music HD, Amazon Music Unlimited, Amazon Music Unlimited on a single device and Amazon Prime Music starts from $3.99 (Rp60.000). Amazon Music definitely pamper smart speaker users with Alexa digital assistant to play songs using only voice commands.

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