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Best Places for Delicious Duck in Jakarta

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
15, April 2019

In Jakarta, there are many restaurants serve delicious fried duck really pampering your taste buds with its savory flavour, tender meat of duck and spicy sambal (chili sauce), here are best places to taste mouth-watering fried duck.

1. Bebek Kaleyo

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This restaurant has dozens of branches in Jakarta and ready to pamper your taste buds with delicious fried duck and appetizing sambal. There are most recommended menu you shouldn’t miss, Bebek Goreng Kremes (fried duck with crunchy condiment), Bebek Cabe Ijo (fried duck with green chili sauce) and Bebek Bakar (grilled duck). For those who like to eat spicy food should try their Bebek Cabe Ijo. Crispy, golden skin of fried duck, tender meat topped with spicy green chillies will kick your taste buds. Need more spiciness to take back your taste buds? Bebek Kaleyo also serves other chili cause, mango chili sauce, sambal cetar, red chili sauce and sambal rica (spicy Manado sauce).

Bebek Kaleyo

Address: Jl. KH Abdullah Syafei No. 49, Tebet, South Jakarta

Open: 11 am – 11 pm

Phone: +622195200088 / +622195400088

2. Bebek Malio

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If you are visiting Tebet, don’t forget to stop by this popular restaurant among fried duck enthusiasts. Bebek Malio known for its tender fried duck and spicy sambal. Dare yourself to try Bebek Goreng Sambal Pencit (fried duck with mango chili sauce). Big portion of tender duck served with crunchy condiments topped with sambal pencit (mango chili sauce) which taste sour, crunchy yet spicy. There are also green chili sauce as complement, Madura-style sambal made from various spices. Get rid of heat with Young Coconut-water Ice or Selasih seed Ice.

Bebek Malio

Address: Jl. Tebet Timur Dalam Raya No. 117, Tebet, South Jakarta

Open: 10 am – 10 pm

Phone: +622121889061 ext: 629

3. Bebek Bengil

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From Ubud, Bali to Jakarta, Bebek Bengil known for its savory, crispy duck. Try the Original Crispy Duck, big portion of fried duck with savory flavour and tender meat. It tastes more delicious with sambal matah (raw Balinese sambal) and sambal mbe (Balinese shallots sambal), both have spicy, fresh taste. Don’t miss Bebek Pelalah served with tomato sauce, Roasted Duck with sweet and spicy sauce and Grilled Duck with Green Chili Sauce.

Bebek Bengil

Address: Jl. H. Agus Salim No. 132, Thamrin, Central Jakarta

Open: 10 am – 11 pm

Phone: +62213917965 / +62213918016


Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani