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Best Recommendations for Delicious Duck Rice in Jakarta

By Eskanisa R

14 June 2019

Recommendations for delicious duck rice in Jakarta.

Who can resist the temptation of tender duck served with spicy black spices? These are best recommendations for delicious duck rice in Jakarta make you want for more and more.

1. Nasi Bebek Ibu Yuyun

This duck rice looks simple, but you cannot resist the delicacy of this since your first bite. Tender pieces of duck meat topped with black spices, sprinkle of shredded coconut and fried shallots will make you full and happy. Nasi Bebek Ibu Yuyun located on Jalan Raya Jati Makmur opens every day. While you come at night, you probably find long queue, so please be ready.

Nasi Bebek Ibu Yuyun

Address: Jalan Raya Jati Makmur, Pondok Gede, Bekasi

2. Nasi Bebek Pak Munawi

Along with duck rice, here you can taste side dishes, like chicken feet, tofu, tempeh and bakwan (vegetable fritter). A plate of duck rice of Nasi Bebek Pak Munawi consists of warm white rice, tender duck, thick black spices, shredded coconut and cucumber. It has really soft, tender texture of meat and blends perfectly with spicy black kind of sauce. To get rid of spiciness, you can add little bit of sweet shredded coconut in every bite. If you have left spices, the crispy vegetable fritter is perfect choice to end your meal.

Nasi Bebek Pak Munawi

Address: Jalan Madrasah No. 5, Cilandak, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta 12560

Phone: +6287877453337

3. Nasi Bebek Mak Isa

What makes Nasi Bebek Mak Isa different than other duck rice? It as solid black kind of sauce and more oily. Served on a plate with warm white rice and slices of cucumber becomes its own trademark. If other duck rice also served with shredded coconut, Mak Isa only use fried shallots. The savoury and spicy flavours of its sauce, tender meat, make this place always crowd with people every single day. You can even try their chicken with same sauce if you do not like duck.

Nasi Bebek Mak Isa

Address: Jalan Bekasi Timur No. 44, Jatinegara

Phone: +6285711200008


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