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Best Scented Candles for Relaxing Atmosphere at Home

By Isny Dewi R

31 August 2020

Local scented candles to creating relaxing atmosphere at home.

Photo source: Pixabay
The COVID-19 pandemic has made many people choose to spend more time at home. Any methods are used to stay comfortable during activities at home. Starting from tidying the room to providing aromatherapy candles to provide relaxed atmosphere at home. Besides relaxing, aromatherapy candles can also beautify your home with their unique shapes.
For those of you who are interested in stocking scented candles at home, you can buy them through these local brands below.
1. Olfactory Candle
Inspired by the founder's childhood memory, Olfactory Candle offers the most personal and emotionally attached, Mountain Valley variant of theirs aromatherapy candles. It encaptures the fresh notes of ozone in the mountain and floral notes of lily of the valley. These distinct scents will remind you of fresh, clean and soothing air.
Photo source: Instagram @olfactorycandle
There is also a Cachemire Rose variant that presents classic oriental woody note of sandalwood blended with roses. The note is creating a meditative atmosphere to your space. Meanwhile the Citronelle variant provides light and fresh essence of citronella complemented by the subtle citrusy notes of lemongrass that can help you focus on work.
One Olfactory aromatherapy candle costs Rp 90,000. For ordering, you can contact their WhatsApp number listed or visit their official store at Shopee and Tokopedia.
Olfactory Candle
Phone: 0842-589-19 (WA only)
Instagram: @olfactorycandle
2. Kencana Candle
The local brand also offers aromatherapy candles with soothing aroma. Kencana Candle presents scent inspired by the richness of the archipelago. The aroma comes from Indonesian spices. Some of aromatherapy candles that you should bring home are Kalimantan-inspired variant such as Wild Borneo with the scent of black orchid, and Kasturi with the aroma of casturi mango.
Photo Source: Instagram @kencanacandle
With prices ranging from Rp. 95,000 to Rp. 100,000, you can order Kencana Candle aromatherapy candles through or Shopee and Tokopedia. Meanwhile, for custom order, you can contact their WhatsApp number listed.
Golden Candle
Phone: 0811-9751-991 (WA only)
Instagram: @kencanacandle
3. Scent and Light
Scent and Light presents Classic Soy Candle variant for its scented candles. The variant consists of three scents, Pine and Cedarwood, fresh scent of apple and pine with blend of eucalyptus, cedarwood, musk, and fir, which can heal us from negative ions; Apple & Fig, warm scent of fig and freshly picked apples, with blend of roses, and musk; Sakura & Pear, fresh scent of apple and pine with blend of eucalyptus, cedarwood, musk, and fir, creating freshness and an exciting new journey.
Photo source: Instagram @scentandlight
Scent and Light aromatherapy candles are priced at Rp 165 thousand. You can order it through Shopee or WhatsApp number listed.
Scent and Light
Phone: 0859-2156-8046 (WA only)
Instagram: @scentandlight

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