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Best Spots in Ancol for Taking Photos

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31, July 2019

Are you planning to visit Ancol Dreamland this weekend? If yes, we recommend you to note four spots below if you want to get amazing photos to upload to your Instagram!

1. Beachpool Love Bridge
As the name suggests, this wooden bridge is designed as a symbol of love or heart. Since the beginning, the bridge is often used as shooting location for film or romantic series. At the end of the Love Bridge there are two restaurants, Columbus Resto and Le Bridge Café. You can stop by here after taking photos. The best time to visit the bridge is in the morning or before sunset. Besides the romantic atmosphere, the scenery is also more dramatic.

2. Lagoon Beach

Photo Source: @ancoltamanimpian

No less Instagramable, at this beach you can take pictures on the swing with the sea as your background. Lagoon Beach is also one of the best spots to see sunset in Jakarta. Here you can enjoy the beauty of the sunset combined with the silhouettes of tall buildings and the sea.

3. Monument Lake
After taking photos at the beach, you can switch to Monument Lake. Here you will find monument that explains the history of Ancol Dreamland. In this lake too, you can try the thrill of riding a Swan Pedal Boat or Epic Cable Park, while getting better photos.

Photo Source: @ancoltamanimpian

4. Brighton Toilet
The toilet is not just any public toilet. The first time you see it, you may not think that this building is a public toilet. It was named Brighton because it was inspired by Brighton Beach in Australia, which was stunning with its colorful buildings. Brighton Toilet in Ancol is the same, the public toilet is designed very Insta-worthy with pastel colors.

Photo Source: @besarhadibri

Instagram: @ancoltamanimpian

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.