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Best Ways to Help Someone with Depression

By Eskanisa R

16 July 2019

Deal with depression with these simple ways.

Everyone can suffer from depression. Untreated depression could lead to death. These are simple yet best ways to help people with depression. You can even do it for yourself when feeling depressed.

First and foremost while feeling depressed is remaining quiet and start breathing. Lean your back, inhale through your nose until your stomach getting bigger, exhale slowly through your open lips while feeling your stomach flatten. Repeat for 10 times and try to keep your back straight. You can also ask people with depression to do this way.

Second, communicating. Someone who experiences great pressure tends to be quite, have no desire to socialize with others. To help them let go of burdens inside themselves, just talk to them. Ask them, “Are you okay?” or ask them to grab lunch, dinner together, go to cinema, those simple things help change their moods. Also make them think there is people still care about them.

Last but not least, find the right help. It is not easy to ask them find the right help, like psychologist or psychiatrist but you can start by convincing them that ignoring depression will make things worse. You can also take them to see doctor’s help.

Right after consulting with psychologist or psychiatrist specially for people who show signs of serious depression such as tendency to hurt themselves even suicidal, they will be given medication and therapy. Help them to take medication and therapy regularly. Do not let depression consume your happiness!



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