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Best Wireless Earphones under Rp500.000

By Eskanisa R

28 September 2020

Inexpensive water resistant wireless earbuds.

Photo source: Pixabay

Wireless earphones or earbuds are increasing rise as they offer freedom of movement and can be used while moving around. During this pandemic, almost all activities require constant video conference, hence wireless earphones will allow you to do remote works easier. Here are best wireless earphones under Rp500.000 from vary reliable resources.

1. HONOR CHOICE True Wireless
This wireless earbuds from smartphone vendor from China, Honor adding the line of Internet of Things (IoT) products made for millennials. HONOR CHOICE True Wireless Earbuds are designed with an ergonomic structure to fit snuggly into your ears for a secure comfortable fit especially for work wear.
You have complete control over what you listen, thanks to responsive touch controls (sensor) on both earbuds. Tap twice on either earbud to play, pause or stop audio playback. To skip song to the next track, just tap and hold on the right earbud for two seconds while to return to previous song, tap and hold on the left earbud for two seconds.
Either to answer or end a call, you only need to tap twice on either earbud. Both earbuds have four microphones with Digital Signal Processing to separate sound and other distractions.
This Rp300.000 – Rp400.000 wireless earbuds let you stream continuously for six hours. The charging case holds another three full charges, giving you an additional 18 hours of playback. In other words, the earbuds with charging case can deliver up to 24 hours of total playback (volume level 50%)

2. realme Buds Q
Another Interest of Things (IoT0) from different vendor, realme offering a True Wireless Stereo (TWS) for millennials, the Buds Q. For Rp400.000, realme Buds Q have ergonomic design to fit comfortable into your ears.
Having IPX4 certificate made this wireless earbuds resistant to sweat, splash, and rain. There is also a Gaming Mode, audio and video synchronize for more satisfying gaming and watching movies as well as touch controls for receiving and ending calls, playing and stopping songs by simply tapping gently the buds.
With one charge, realme Buds Q let you stream for three hours non-stop. The earbuds and charging case together giving you additional 20 hours of playback. Sounds good, right?

3. QCY T1 Pro
Last but not least important is QCY T1 Pro. This inexpensive wireless earbuds has small pebble-like earpieces provide an excellent level of comfort and secure fit. Instead of physical buttons, the most advance feature regarding comfort is a touch control to be easily controlled through gentle “button pressing” for play, pause, and stop tracking, answering and ending calls also activates Siri or Voice Assistant on your phone.
This earbuds also respond to vary types of music well. From slow to the fast energetic music with clear, smooth, almost perfect details. For Rp400.000 you can use this QCY T1 Pro for four hours, more less.

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