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Luscious Chocolate Made from the Heart

Luscious Chocolate Made from the Heart

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Just like its name, BetterCHOCOlateThanNever offers various menu with chocolate as the main ingredient. You will find many cakes menu here, such as Classic Dark Chocolate Cake, Black Forest Cake, Chocolate Layers Cake, Hazelnut Fudge Cake, Banana Chocolate Pie, and Flourless Dark. BetterCHOCOlateThanNever also has cupcakes, ice cream, truffle cookies, and hot chocolate.

They believe that chocolate products should be made and prepared with passion, integrity, and sincerity. They also said that chocolate should be made as beautifully simple without being simplistic, understanding the concept of enough without being complacent, and emphasizing quality in all things without being inaccessible. These values are the secret element for their exquisite products.

Besides made with high dedication, the products here are not made in massive amount to make it special. That’s why you will only taste handmade fresh cakes, not frozen ones, and also made with high quality premium chocolate. Just like another homemade stuff, they also don’t use preservatives or any chemical substances.


Jl. Senopati 41C Jakarta 12190


+62 21 573 1457, +62 85 888 61 9990

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Senin-Minggu 09.00-22.00 WIB