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Bike Types You Need to Know

By Isny Dewi R

22 July 2020

Before buying a bicycle, here are types of bikes that you need to know.

Photo source: Pexels

Apart from being transportation mode that is easy to use, bicycle is also a tool for exercising. No wonder so many people like it. No exception in a pandemic like today. People begin to love cycling again, because bike is considered as a safe transportation from COVID-19 transmission as well as being healthy.
Many people now rely on bicycle for daily activities such as going to work or exercise while exploring the city. Because it functioned for a variety of activities, bike is divided into several types with different designs and structures. Some are designed to support efficiency, speed, endurance on difficult terrain, to attraction.
For those of you who are interested in buying a bicycle, here are types of bikes that you need to know.
1. Folding Bike
Photo source: Pixabay
As the name implies, this bike has the characteristics of foldable, lightweight, compact, and flexible, making it easy to carry anywhere, including in public transportation such as bus or train. No wonder that most folding bike users are urban people with high mobility. They usually use this after using mass transportation to continue their trip.
2. Mountain Bike (MTB)
Mountain bike has tough, sturdy structure, but still flexible, and is equipped with suspension forks. Usually users of this bike are outdoor activities lovers. As the name suggests, this bike is more ideal for used in the forest and mountain. Even so, mountain bike can also be used for other outdoor activities with steep off-road terrain and hard to be done with other types of bikes.
3. Road Bike
Photo source: Pixabay
Road bike also has tough but lightweight structure, with curved handlebar. This bike is suitable for long distance use on paved roads. Road bike is designed in such a way so that it can reach high speed when used. Road bike also feature lightweight and sturdy frames and wheels, and speed regulation features. World bicycle tournaments usually use this type of bike, one of which is Tour de France.
4. Fixie Bike
This bike uses a fixed-wheel mechanism, without hand brakes. Fixie bike is usually used by urban people on flat paved roads for casual use. Fixed gear bike actually also have frames and wheels that are similar to racing bikes. The difference lies in the mechanism of movement of the wheels that are not free.
Photo source: Pixabay
So, if you pedaling the bike forward, then the pedals and tires will continue to move according to the force released. In addition, if other bikes can't pedaled behind, fixie allows you to do it. This bike is also not equipped with hand brakes. If you want to stop, you only need to turn the pedals in the opposite direction.
5. BMX Bike
Photo source: Pixabay
This bike has characteristics low seat, curved handlebar and rather high, and small wheels and thick tires. The design was deliberately made because BMX bike is intended for freestyle action such as on stairs, skateparks, or other places.
6. Touring Bike
Photo source: Pixabay
This bike is similar to road bike, but usually equipped with additional equipment by the owner. As the name implies, this bike is usually used for long-distance cycling. To support the touring activity with a long route, this bike is usually equipped with additional equipment such as bike basket, bottle holder, etc.
7. Hybrid Bike
Photo source: Pixabay
You could say this type of bike is a combination of road bike and MTB, making it suitable for long-distance cycling on paved roads as well as off-road. This bike aims to meet the needs of cyclists who want a bicycle that is resilient while supporting good speed.

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