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Blu-Jek is Now Available in Jakarta

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17, September 2015

Ojek, a motorcycle taxi, is increasingly popular in Jakarta because it is considered more practical and you can reach your destination faster. Moreover, this transportation can slip through the traffic jam and no need to join the long queue on the street. Now you can see several transportation applications that can help you to order ojek as a vehicle for transportation, shopping, or even courier services.

In Jakarta there are already Go-Jek and Grab-Bike as ojek transportation service. But, starting from today, September 18, 2015, there is a new ojek transportation service called Blu-Jek. Blu-Jek is an abbreviation for Blusukan Ojek, which taken from a term that is often used by President Jokowi. Blusukan itself came from Javanese language which means stepping in.

To attract consumers, Blu-Jek takes no charge and it means free as long as the distance is not more than 6 kilometers. If more than 6 kilometers, the consumer will be charged Rp25.000,-. After the promo ends, consumer will be charged with minimum Rp20.000,- for the first 6 kilometers and Rp4.000,- for the next kilometer. Right now, Blu-Jek application can only be downloaded on Android device only. Not only in Jakarta, people who live around Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi can also use transportation from Blu-Jek. Interested to try Blu-Jek?

Miranti Devina
Miranti Devina