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Special Place As Your Wish

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A French bistro also completes the café list in Senopati area since the last June 2014. Branché, which means up to date in French language, can be your choice for hanging out or having a special dining time with beloved ones. The interior is a combination of wooden furniture in dark color, grey concrete floor, chandelier, and metallic stairs, giving a modern masculine ambience for this bistro, but you can still feel a homey atmosphere in some corners.

This three-story building looks minimalist with a shape of roof inspired by Eiffel Tower. Branché offers you some corners you can choose. On the first floor, you will be welcomed by the bar area and nonsmoking dining area with capacity of 40 people. For the smoking dining area is on the second floor, complete with a lovely balcony with 30 people seating capacity. At this floor, they have two indoor VIP rooms with different function and capacity. Or, you can choose to dine on their rooftop on the third floor. You can also book another room on this third floor for birthday party or other special occasions.

What about the dish? Don’t worry. Branché has various food, beverage, to cocktails you must try. Their signature dish is Chicken Au Vin. A French chicken dish served with red wine sauce and mashed potato. But before you jump into it, you can first try the Prawn Cocktail Salad as the appetizer. For desserts, you can choose Butterscotch Pannacotta or Molten Dulche de Leche with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream. If it’s possible, try also their favorite cocktail here named Langur Noir, consists of fresh milk, rum, butterscotch liqueur, banana, vanilla powder, and vanilla ice cream. Tempting, right?


Jl. Senopati No. 33. Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12190



Operational Hours

Senin - Jumat 11.00