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Breathing Fresh Air at Srengseng Forest City

Breathing Fresh Air at Srengseng Forest City

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Pass Srengseng area like every single time? You’re probably familiar with this one, Srengseng Forest City. One of must-see attractions in West Jakarta became a haven for more than 4.000 trees in number of different varieties.

This forest planted since 1995 is accessible. As recreation also exercise spot in West Jakarta, visitors can easily access this forest with public transportation. It is located within 300m from Kelapa Dua station. Or you can simply access with Kopaja route Blok M – Meruya.

This 37ac forest city provided a wide parking space. There is also some tents selling food and drinks. Right beside the parking space, there is a playground designed for children with play sliding and see saw. 

At the weekend, you can spot visitors gathering, picnicking, playing, exercise or just lay down on green grass. Srengseng Forest City is your perfect place to enjoy gentle breeze during weekend.  


Jl. Haji Kelik, Srengseng, Jakarta Barat 11630

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