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Cafe & Resto
Cafe & Resto

Café with a Different Breezy Ambience

Spectr News Theme Miranti Devina
10, May 2016

Culinary is an interesting topic for all ages. Moreover, if the culinary place offers comfort and tempting menu. Crowd will definitely gather in there. Speaking about culinary, have you tried Lot 9 Bintaro? If you haven’t, Check In Jakarta suggests you to try it.

This eating place not only offers many varieties of food and drink, but also different atmosphere. To find this place, you will be welcomed by the small street leads to the place. Then you will find a spacious parking lot and shady trees. Different, cool, and homey. That’s the first impression visiting this place.

The decoration is designed for your comfort so you will be glad to spend more time here. Almost all of the corners of this resto are surrounded by glasses, so natural lighting will be the point and you can see the outdoor garden freely. There is also brick wall on one of the wall sides. Don’t be surprised to see a hanging bicycle that makes the interior more unique.

You will also find a piano at one of the corners, makes the room more artsy and sweet. Meanwhile, the outdoor area is the place where you can dine accompanied by garden scenery. This place is also suitable for group dining!

Of course, this café offers not only cozy ambience, but also tempting Indonesian food and beverage. To name a few are Ayam Rica-Rica, Ayam Cabai Ijo, Gurame Acar Kuning, Iga Sapi Bakar Madu Lemon, Sop Gurame Kuah Belimbing, Bubur Manado, and Nasi Goreng Cakalang that will tempt you.

Choose the drink selections from the hot to the cold refreshments with unique names, such as AADC, Inem Pelayan Seksi, Catatan Si Boy, or Mantan Terindah. AADC is a mix of apple drink, passion fruit, syrup, and ice.

Different with Inem Pelayan Seksi which is a mix of peach, orange, Sprite, and ice. While Catatan Si Boy is served with peanut butter, single espresso, whipped cream, mascarpone cheese, caramel, syrup, and ice. A bit different with Mantan Terindah that consists of pear, apple, lemon, ginger, Sprite, and ice. Can you imagine the fresh feeling you will get after sipping the drink? 

If you are still hungry and want to order additional snacks, Martabak Manis Lot 9 or Peuyeum Garing can be your order. Many people like to come back here because of the breezy ambience. Well, Lot 9 can be included to your culinary list!

Miranti Devina
Miranti Devina