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Brighten Your Face with aTreatment Series at Insta Beauty Center

By Isny Dewi R

18 March 2020

Insta Beauty Center offers Red Carpet Oxygen Facial treatments to brighten the face.

Are you one of those who loves to treat your face by doing facial? If so, maybe you can consider trying Red Carpet Oxygen Facial treatment at Insta Beauty Center, located in Sawah Besar area, Central Jakarta.

Photo credit: Instagram @instabeautycenter

This treatment is quite different from other facials in general, because there are many stages in the process. During the Red Carpet Oxygen Facial process your face will also be cleaned three times, at the beginning, middle and end of the facial.

The first step, the therapist will clean your face, so that during the facial process your face is clean. After cleaning, the next step is face steam which aims to open your pores, so that blackheads are more easily removed.

After face steam, therapist will do blackhead extraction process. During the extraction process, the therapist will remove all your blackheads that clog your pores using a special tool. However, if you can't stand the pain or you’re not brave, you can ask the therapist to skip this part. After the blackhead extraction process, your face will usually turn red and looks like swelling. To prevent inflammation, the therapist will apply an anti-irritant cream to your face.

The next stage is Hollywood Hydrapeel. At this stage, the therapist using a tool like a vacuum that works to remove dead skin cells and blackheads that have not been removed. After that, the next stage is High Frequency. This step is useful for killing germs that cause acne. When it’s done, your face will be cleaned again.

After your face is clean, the next step is Oxygen Infusion. The therapist will spray your face with oxygen, so your face will feel fresher. Then enter the cooling stage to close your pores and reduce inflammation. As the name implies, the tools used will provide a cool and fresh sensation.

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The next one is Serum Penetration with Ultrasound. At this stage the therapist will give serum to your face that is adapted to your skin condition. So that the serum is absorbed maximally into your skin, the therapist using special tool. After that, your face will be given a mask that is also adapted to your skin condition.

If you have active acnes on your face, then the therapist will skip Radio Frequency and Massage stages, which serve to stimulate collagen as well as being a slimming treatment if done routinely. If you have acne problem, the doctor will advise you to continue treatment with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).

IPL uses light conductivity to kill acne germs, dry out, and reduce inflammation. This stage will be done directly by the doctor. This stage does not last long, because the doctor will only shoot IPL into the reddish and acne-prone parts of your face. Take it easy! This process will not leave any pain, just a little heat and a bit.

If you have pimply face, the doctor recommends you to heal your acne first before treatment, in order to remove blemishes and scars. In addition, you are also asked to not using makeup for 2 days.

If you are interested in trying Red Carpet Oxygen Facial treatment, you should spend around Rp 1.6 million, while for IPL around Rp 300 thousand.

Top photo credit: Instagram @instabeautycenter


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