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Brighten Your Face with Baby Skin Treatment at Ertos Beauty Clinic

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04, November 2019

It turns out that Ertos Beauty Care not only offers acne removal products or lightening face, but also provides a number of beauty treatments at its clinic, Ertos Beauty Clinic. One of the excellent treatments that you should try here is the Baby Skin Treatment.

Baby Skin Treatment is actually just another name for treatment using a device called Silk Peel. The tool is commonly used in a single non-surgical procedure that can stimulate the skin layer to produce new cells, by pushing the top layer of skin cells and replace them with the new ones.

The first treatment present in Europe is combined with serum. The serum used is adjusted to skin condition and needs. This treatment also promises a variety of results ranging from resolving acne, dull, dry skin, removing blackheads and brightening your face.

You can combine Baby Skin Treatment with facial if you have acne problem. Treatment begins with cleansing your face using cleanser. After that, the therapist will use a Silk Peel tool, a machine that is accompanied with a pen-shaped tool. When the therapist applies the tool to your face, you will feel your skin like it is being aspirated. Even so, there is no pain.

After that, the therapist continues the treatment with a facial, which serves to cleanse blackheads and acnes that have not been lifted perfectly with Silk Peel. The treatment then ends with acne mask all over your face, to soothe the skin after facial and maximize the treatment that has been done.

The mask is allowed to stand for 30 minutes then cleaned using a sponge and water. After cleaning from the mask, your face is then applied with a moisturizer. And the process of Baby Skin Treatment and facial is done.

If usually after facial your face will turn red, it does not happen at Ertos Beauty Clinic, thanks to the Baby Skin Treatment. The skin looks not dull and brighter than usual. This treatment that combines Silk Peel and facial takes about one to 1.5 hours. To get maximum results, treatment can be done periodically.

Rates for Baby Skin Treatment range from Rp 450 thousand. While the rates for acne facial is priced at Rp 150 thousand. If you are interested, you can go to Ertos Beauty Clinic in Joglo, West Jakarta or Buaran Raya in East Jakarta.


Top Photo Source: Instagram @ertosbeautyclinic

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.