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Brow Studio By Anggie Rassly Solution to Get Perfect Eyebrows

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09, January 2019

Founded by a beautypreneur, Brow Studio by Anggie Rassly is one of the most trusted eyebrow salon in Jakarta and has been around for ten years. The salon located on Jalan Gunawarman in South Jakarta presents a fresh and bright atmosphere thanks to the natural light coming from the main door with transparent glass. The room is dominated by white and various details that spoil your eyes.

Not only in the front, almost all rooms at Anggie Rassly's studio are white-dominated. The waiting room is equipped with displays, accessories, and books about eyebrow that will make women feel at home. Decorative glass placed in the corner of the room is also tempting women to preen.

Anggie, who began her career in eyebrow embroidery since 2005, is very popular among beauty addicts. It is so favorite, to get an eyebrow treatment at Anggie's Brow Studio, prospective clients must be willing to wait their turn until 2021.

Then what distinguishes Brow Studio from other eyebrow studios? In addition to the neat working technique, Anggie, who had studied eyebrow embroidery techniques in Singapore and America, and had decades of flying hours also guaranteed that eyebrow embroidery is handled directly by her.

Anggie prefers to maintain quality compared to pursuing quantity. She gives freedom to her clients to choose what kind of eyebrow they want. But she also gladly gives suggestion of eyebrows type that ideal to her client face type, this is also the plus point of her Brow Studio. In order for clients to be able to show their new eyebrows later, Anggie also makes an eyebrow pattern first. After being approved by the client, then she does eyebrow embroidery.

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Anggie's eyebrow process takes approximately 2 hours depending on the client's skin type. The first step is anesthesia using a special cream. After 30 minutes, the eyebrow embroidery process starts. For clients whose have sensitive skin, it will take a long time, whereas for normal and ready-to-treat skin it only takes about 30 minutes.

Anggie sets a rate at Rp. 7 million for regular services and Rp. 12 million for VIPs. The difference between regular and VIP services are waiting time and an extra retouch. VIP clients will get treatment early if there are regular clients who cancel their appointment.

Although famous for its eyebrow embroidery, Brow Studio by Anggie Rassly also offers other beauty treatments such as lash extensions, lip embroidery, eye liner embroidery, eyelash transplanting, waxing, and threading (spruse the eyebrows using thread), as well as being a training center for those wanting to learn eyebrow embroidery from Anggie Rassly.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.