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Bu Endang’s Signature Homemade Dishes

Spectr News Theme Rachelle Kandou
10, November 2015

Homemade dishes indeed have a special place in our hearts. If you are bored with the usual restaurant dishes, it will be different with Rumah Makan Bu Endang (rumah makan: restaurant). This place is located on Cipete, South Jakarta and has a homey ambience, serving Indonesian food. At your first try, you will feel like being in a home, because it is specially designed for that purpose. The comfy and chill ambience makes the guests want to come back again.

This comfortable ambience will be better when you try the signature menu of Bu Endang’s. from Nasi Bakar Peda, Nasi Liwet Solo, Nasi Berkat, Nasi Langgi, Nasi Gudeg, Nasi Begana, Nasi Brongkos, Nasi Opor Sambal Goreng, Galantin, and many more. Sosis Goreng Solo, Tape Goreng Rondo Royal, and Rujak Serut are some of the snack menus you also have to try while waiting for your main course.

The price is also affordable and suits the portion. Besides, this restaurant also receives order for Nasi Tumpeng or rice box for you who want to hold a special occasion. If you want to taste homemade dishes in a homey restaurant, just visit Bu Endang.


Rachelle Kandou
Rachelle Kandou