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Buba Soul, Boba Drinks Using Indonesian Herbs and Spices

By Isny Dewi R

17 March 2020

Buba Soul wants to be a pioneer of hype drinks that using Indonesian herbs and spices.

At the end of February, a food and beverage startup, PT Buba Prima Svastarini launched a drink outlet named Buba Soul. As the name implies, this outlet selling hype drinks, boba, but with a different and unique taste. Because, Buba Boul offers boba drinks with a mixture of Indonesian herbs and spices.

In the midst of the hype drinks, especially boba drinks from abroad, Buba Soul wants to be a pioneer of hype drinks that using Indonesian herbs and spices. There are five things that have become the focus of Buba Soul including increasing value-added of Indonesian commodity products.

Then make Indonesian spices become popular beverage and food at our country and abroad. Support a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle, have a positive impact on health and the environment. Not to forget giving community welfare, and popularizing herbs and spices.

Buba Soul offers fairly unique drinks consisting of Unique Herbal Fusion sub menus, they are Aroma Tea, Premium Coffee Brew, and Matcha Cha. For the Unique Herbal Fusion category, the outlet located at fX Sudirman serves boba drinks with a mixture of turmeric, ginger, telang flowers, rosella and moringa leaves.

For example, the use of turmeric in Golden Turmeric, which is milk mixed with squeezed turmeric and tapioca balls as the topping. If you imagine the taste is strange, it’s apparently not, it tastes just as good as other boba drinks. There is no impression like drinking herbal drinks. Creamy milk turned out to taste good when mixed with turmeric.

The boba topping, however, tastes delicious as well. Besides using tapioca, boba in Buba Soul is also injected with cinnamon, rosella, or telang flower. The texture is soft and springy. There is a hint of cinnamon that makes it different from other bobass.

Another unique thing about this new boba outlet is that they use eco-friendly packaging. The plastic glass in Buba Soul is claimed can be wrecked within 2 to 5 years because it’s using special plastic. The straw they use is a paper straw.

What makes us salute with Buba Soul is the fact that they also work closely with local farmers to supply premium herbs and tea. Then what about the price? Buba Soul has set it in the range of Rp. 25,000 to Rp. 45,000 per glass. Interested in trying?

Top photo credit: Instagram @meongculinary

Instagram: @bubasoulind

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Buba Soul
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