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Delicious, Halal, 24 Hours!

Spectr News Theme Nadia Latief
28, March 2016

Talking about porridge dish is endless. From the street food stall to five star restaurants, there will be some of them that offer porridge as their signature dish. Like one of the restaurant that is famous for its porridge since old times is Bubur Kwang Tung (bubur: porridge), which is a porridge restaurant that already has 4 branches in Jakarta and offers Cantonese porridge and also Chinese food.

Entering this restaurant, you will feel a thick Chinese atmosphere by the interior with round table and red chairs surrounding it. The walls of this restaurant also decorated with Chinese ornaments and photos of famous people who have visited Bubur Kwang Tung. Yup, Bubur Kwang Tung is favored by many people because of its deliciousness, 24-hours services, and halal food. So, you don’t have to doubt to have porridge here anytime you want. Yum!

They have various porridge menus, starting from chicken, beef, grouper fish, shrimp, crab, scallop, to combination such as Bubur Ayam Jamur Pitan and Bubur Abalone + Ayam are also available here. You can also order additional side dish for the porridge such as Cakwe or Telur Pithan.

For the Chinese food, you will not run out of choices here because starting from steamed dishes a la Hongkong, stir-fry Cantonese, soup and veggies, to noodle, fried rice, vermicelli, and kway teow can be chosen to fit your taste. Wow, very complete!

But it is still imperfect if you haven’t tried their Kerapu Crispy Saus Mayonaise, Ayam Panggang Kwang Tung, Udang Mabok Kwang Tung, or Kepiting Tumis Bawang Prey. If you come in a group of five, Bubur Kwang Tung also offers choices of rice and porridge set menu. For the beverages, choices of tea, coffee, soft drink, juice, to special menu such as Cherry Tample, Dragon Fly, and Caramel Frappe are ready to freshen up your day.

Because of many people favored this restaurant and to fulfill the need of fast-paced Jakarta life, Bubur Kwang Tung has also opened Bubur Kwang Tung Express with faster service at Jalan Hayam Wuruk No. 108, West Jakarta. Just come and try their delicacy!

Nadia Latief
Nadia Latief