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Buku Berkaki Community with Their Unique Bookmobile

By Eskanisa R

16 May 2018

Buku Berkaki develop children interest in reading with mobile library.

Have you heard about this inspiring yet unique community called Buku Berkaki? Buku Berkaki is a community established September, 30th 2011 with noble purpose, develop marginal children interest in reading and learning.

That is why, this community similar to bookmobile that targeting their activities to visit orphanage and other locations which street children stays, such as Rumah Belajar Rawamangun, Sekolah Alternatif Anak Jalanan (SAAJA), Rumah Belajar IndoCharity, Komunitas Pemuda Peduli Jakarta and many kids in Kampung Akuarium.

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They will bring books based on places they visit, it can be read by all ages, kids to senior high school students. They offers unique concept, book collections they lend in orphanage, learning house and other locations can be enjoyed for one to two weeks, after that it will changed with other collections.

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Buku Berkaki also open book donation that will be distributed in remote areas. Besides Jabodetabek, you can also find this community in some cities, such as Bandung, Jogjakarta, Surabaya and Pontianak.

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Perpustakaan Buku Berkaki
Jl. Dr. Abdul Rahman Saleh No. 26, Senen, Jakarta Pusat 10410

Open Hours:

Setiap Sabtu, 09.00 – 15.00 WIB

More Information:



Phone: 081132227777