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Bulat Island, The Beauty of Tiny Uninhabited Island

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02, October 2019

Do you have plan for the weekend? If you haven’t yet, you can choose Bulat Island as the destination. What is so special about this island? And how to visit it? Let's see the review below!

Is one of the groups of the Thousand Islands, Bulat Island is included in Harapan Island District, Jakarta. You can get to this island from Muara Angke Port by taking a ship to the Harapan Island pier first. From Harapan Island, you can continue your trip to Bulat Island by using a rented fishing boat. From Harapan Island to Bulat Island only takes about 20 minutes.

Pulau Bulat will pamper you with its white sand beaches and stunning views around the island. If you are good at snorkeling, don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the underwater beauty that is still preserved. You will be stunned when you see so many coral reefs to sea fishes and colorful clams.

As the name implies, the island is round and not too big, only around 1.28 ha. Entering the jetty of the island, you will be presented with the beauty of Bulat Island with clear sea water surrounding it, as well as rocks cluster resembling dykes that surround the island in order to prevent big waves from crashing into Bulat Island. You can easily surround the island without worrying about getting lost.

Another thing that you should not miss at Bulat Island is watching the beauty of the sunset that is not inferior to other islands. So, prepare your camera, so you can capture many beauty at this tiny island.


Top Photo Source: Instagram @ratnarengganiss

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.