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A Stylish Bar to Unwind with a Great Wine and Live Music

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11, January 2018

Overlooking the stunning atrium lobby and magnificent views of the city, Burgundy Bar is the perfect place to unwind over cocktail or wine, an ideal place for after work rendezvous or post-dinner drink with friends.

Burgundy also features an extensive collection of wines, vodkas, spirits, martinis, champagnes, cocktails and a selection of light snacks.

This bar was previously a classic hotel bar named “O’Reillys” and was totally transformed in 2002. 

The concept and design was the notable collaboration between Hyatt Hotels and the world- renowned Japanese design firm, Super Potato. Until now, the design of Burgundy still exerts the impression of a strikingly original, modern interior that exudes a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere. The concept for burgundy is to offer customers an enticing combination of superb drinks, amazing live music, and relaxed environment of a ‘living room’.

Burgundy is located on the fourth floor of the hotel-accessed from the lobby level by a broad, curving staircase. The exterior floor to ceiling glass has a striking silver and black. Entering the main bar space, the interior is dominated by the square shaped bar positioned in the centre of the main room. There are also high bar seats face the bar counters.

Live music playing nightly from 9:00 pm featuring prominent local jazz musicians is an integral element to the atmosphere of sophisticated pleasure at Burgundy. And the large screen LCD’s mounted both sides of the bar cater for the sport lovers.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.