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Business Ideas for Introverted Entrepreneurs

By Eskanisa R

17 December 2019

Simple business ideas for introverted entrepreneurs.

In fact, there are perfect simple business ideas for introverted entrepreneurs to make some extra money.

1. Writer

You might be agree if most introverts have their own worlds, either they enjoy reading, writing, watching movies, listening music or podcasts while they can sinking their own souls into good things they really like. Fortunately, for those who like to spend free time the way you like, watching movies, writing, can make those ‘hobbies’ into money.

You can write reviews for every movies you have watched, you like or trending ones on your own blog or send it to several movie sites. Without beating around the bush, you can make some money while enjoying your ‘hobbies’.

2. Online Seller

You can start this simple business with your personal items you do not use again. For example, you can start collecting used, suitable clothes, and sell them online using Instagram, Facebook, Carousell or Twitter. Write full product descriptions using power words that sell, upload high-quality photos, and give best services (ex: fast response) to make them satisfied.

3. Crafters

Do you like baking cookies? Do you like make hand-craft? Both are perfect for introverts who do not require a lot of real interaction with other people. You can make bracelets, necklaces, home decorations, any craft you mastered and sell online without meet your customers.

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