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Business Tips from Korean Drama Start-Up

By Isny Dewi R

30 November 2020

Start-Up is now becoming one of the most popular Korean dramas because the storyline is considered to suit the lives of startup world.

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For those of you who love Korean dramas, you must be familiar with the series titled Start-Up. This drama tells the story of the life of startup entrepreneur.
Start-Up is now becoming one of the most popular Korean dramas because the storyline is considered to suit the lives of startup world. In addition, this series also has a lot of information to learn about the world of startup. Here they are:
  1. Determine the Business Model Before Building a Startup
This drama follows the story of Nam Do San (Nam Joo Hyuk), a startup founder named Samsan Tech. Unfortunately, his startup company has never made a profit in business. For two years, Do San and his two friends only focused on developing technology, and did not really think about his business model carefully. As a result, they have difficulty finding investors to help grow their business.
The business model carried out by Do San and his friends is considered unattractive to investors. His ability in the field of technology is indeed reliable, but Do San is considered not to have a clear vision for his company.
  1. Requires a Reliable CEO
Do San is considered not a good CEO or leader. Until finally the leadership chair was replaced by someone else, even though Nam Do San was the founder of Samsan Tech. Mastering technology alone is not enough to lead a company. A CEO must also be proficient in exploring investment deals with potential investors, looking for business opportunities, business strategies, and overcoming crisis conditions.
The CEO character they are looking for turns out to be Seo Dal Mi (Bae Suzy). Dal Mi is a student dropping out of college because she is busy working part time. Even so, she aspires to be successful like Steve Jobs. In Start-Up story, Dal Mi finally meets Do San and becomes CEO at SamSan Tech.
  1. Investors Must Be Involved in the Process
Start-Up also tells of another entrepreneur named Han Ji Pyeong (Kom Seon Ho), the CEO of SH Venture Capital with high investment capability.
Ji Pyeong turned out to be good at investing since he was a child. In developing his business, Ji Pyeong prefers to pursue return on investment from the startup companies he funds.
"If you want to take part in the process with founders, investing in a start-up company is definitely exciting," explained Financial Planner Prita Ghozie in her Instagram post some time ago.
In the drama Start-Up, Ji Pyeong plays a reliable and strategic investor. He is never careless in supporting funds for startups.

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