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Businesses Predict to Survive in Recession

By Eskanisa R

18 November 2020

Jobs to survive in this economic crisis.

Photo source: Pixabay

The COVID-19 pandemic yet to be disclosed time brought much of global economic activity to a halt. Indonesia now faces a collapsing, the economic recession looming over. With a depression on the way, according to MoneyPPL, there is many businesses will embrace this crisis even amid profound uncertainty you probably need to try to make some money.

1. Freelance
Millions people turn to freelancing during this pandemic. It simply because companies should save money and balance their budgets by hiring freelancers over full-time staff. Take this opportunity to make some money while staying at home. There are many websites you can easily find freelance work, get hired, and paid for a project. Either freelance writers, translators, tutors, social media officers, and so forth, you need to apply the skills you had.

2. Home-Cooked Meals
Homemade meals with no preservatives are surely comfort food at its best as perfect choice during this crisis. For practical reason, especially young people choose ready-to-eat foods; precooked, mostly packaged, and ready for consumption with no prior preparation. To ensure make them easier, choose foods can be cooked or warmed with conventional stove, no need to preheat the microwave. Also make sure using food vacuum sealers to prevent the growth of mold or bacteria in proper food plastic containers or bags. 

3. Repair Services
Most people are closed with laptop during the coronavirus pandemic for remote working or home studying. You can take this opportunity to start service especially if you have proper knowledge for hardware and software or any important skills required to take care of laptop to keep it in good shape. 

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