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Buy Up the Cheap Treats at Pasar Kue Subuh Senen

Buy Up the Cheap Treats at Pasar Kue Subuh Senen

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Do you miss Indonesian signature traditional snacks? Just drop by to Pasar Kue Subuh Senen (pasar: market). There are lots of hawkers selling traditional snacks such as Lemper, Bika Ambon, soes (Indonesian cream puff), Pisang Molen, Bolu Kukus (steamed cake) with many flavors, Roti Buaya, to tarts. You don’t have to worry of spending a lot of money, because the price for each snack starts from Rp500,-! There is also one box package that has 25-35 cakes in it with the price of Rp25.000,-. Or if you want to try a Black Forest Cake with just Rp40.000,- per tray, you can find it here!

Although it’s called as pasar subuh (a market that’s open on early morning around 5 am), but the sellers start on the business since 6 pm. But at the early hour, the variations of snack are not too much. The darker the sky, the more variations of snack appears here. No wonder you will find it so crowded at 10 pm here. People usually buy the snacks here to resell it or for party needs. If you bring vehicles, you can park at the Pasar Senen parking area. Or if you take commuter line, you can stop at Pasar Senen Station. Make sure you buy up a lot of traditional snacks here!


Pasar Proyek Senen, Jl. Let. Jend. Suprapto-Kramat Bunder, Senen, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia



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