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Buy Vegetables and Fruits Online Through These 5 Apps

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07, April 2020

In the midst of COVID-19 global pandemic, World Health Organization (WHO) recommends people all over the world to maintain their immune system so they are not susceptible to disease. One way that can be done is to eat nutritious foods, such as vegetables and fruits.

However, with an appeal for #stayhome to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, you might be worried about buying vegetables and fruits at the supermarket. To overcome this problem, you can use these following online shopping apps and sites to buy vegetables, fruits, and other essentials.

1. HappyFresh
This app provides feature for sending message and call to make it easier for you to discuss with Personal Shopper, such as replacing an empty stock. HappyFresh also allows you to ask a trained Personal Shopper to choose the product according to your wishes. Do not worry, the product chosen will still have the same quality at a good price.

For the sake of riders’ health and safety, HappyFresh equips them with masks and hand sanitizers. Riders are also asked to carry out contactless delivery, which means, they will maintain a safe distance when delivering your groceries.

HappyFresh works with several well-known retailers such as Transmart, Farmers Market, Lotte Mart, HERO, Super Indo, and others to choose from. There are also stores that also work with HappyFresh such as Drink Corner, Natural Farm, VINES, BEST MEAT, Emme Florist, Wine Cellar, etc.

The HappyFresh app can be downloaded on App Store and Google Play Store, or access its website on

2. Sayurbox

Sayurbox was founded on the premise of the long chain of agricultural products to consumers. As a result, prices for consumers are high, while farmers' incomes are small. This app also wants to help farmers to connect with the market through digital technology.

Sayurbox applies the concept of a fresh produce platform and focuses on cutting the distribution chain. Consumers who want to order have a certain time at least two days in advance, so that the vegetables or fruits that are sent are fresh.

For reservation, you can access or download the app on Google Play Store.

3. Tanihub

TaniHub is an e-commerce for agricultural products with the aim of connecting farmers with various types of businesses and buyers. Because the delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables is different from other items delivery, TaniHub keeps it really cold-chain to keep the fruits and vegetables fresh until they reach the buyers. The reason is, for shipping itself, it takes one day from purchase.

The TaniHub app will make it easy for you to shop for vegetables and fruits. The prices are quite affordable and very suitable for you who like to shop wholesale. You can download the Tanihub app on the App Store and Play Store, or visit their website on

4. Kecipir
Kecipir is a social enterprise to realize agricultural production, distribution and consumption in a eco-friendly way. Kecipir wants to make organic vegetables the same as "ordinary vegetables", where the price can be competitive, the supply side can be relied upon, and the consumption side is also healthier.

Picture source: Instagram @kecipir

Through this app you can order vegetable and fruit products directly from farmer partners to be delivered to your home. Orders can be made through, or through an app that can be downloaded on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Interestingly, now the agents and some members of Kecipir have used the reusable basket service to receive or take orders for their organic vegetables. Since it was taken from Kecipir's farmer partners, the packaging also does not use plastic.

5. Tantesayur
Through Tantesayur, you can buy organic vegetables and fruits. Not only that, here you can also buy food ingredients such as meat, to bread. You can order via Tokopedia or their Whatsapp number on 081511601457 for those who live in Jakarta. You can check more complete information on @tantesayur Instagram.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.