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By The Sea Offers Stylish Collections for Tropical Living

By Isny Dewi R

15 April 2019

By The Sea encapsulates the essence of tropical living.

Indonesia, known as a tropical country that often goes unnoticed. And it’s even quite surprising that Indonesians tend to be easily enchanted with overseas fashion trends that not match with our climate. Nevertheless, it’s a completely different case for Renato Vianna, who love to living an ideal life at Bali’s tropical shore.

By The Sea was then conceived, shortly after Renato called the island his permanent residence. A result of Renato and his wife’s, Harumi Kogake, “platonic” relationship with the sea (Renato surfs almost every day before work), the label features casual wears that are evocative of a life by the coast.

Having a number of outlets as well as a strong presence in Bali doesn’t stop the label from expanding. Since 2016, By The Sea for the first time traverse beyond the island, unveiling their new presence in Jakarta.

Photo Source: @bythesea_bali

With a shop window that boasts a sleek wooden surfboard (By The Sea’s trademark that is ever-present in all its outlets), the message that the shop delivers is very clear, it encapsulates the essence of tropical living. The collections they have to offer such as an array of linen tops, pants, diaphanous wrap dress, and scarves. If these aren’t enough to get you excited, wait until you see their other collections, such as summer hat, By The Sea Beach Bag, to cute sandals to complete your summer look.

By The Sea is built upon a genuine understanding of the frustrations in dressing fashionably in the heat of a tropical climate. They adeptly create comfortable, versatile pieces without forgoing elegance, while still managing to capture Indonesia tropical spirit.


Instagram: @bythesea_bali

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