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Cafe and Music Bar Become One at Djournal House

Spectr News Theme Isny Dewi R.
26, July 2019

Cafe is now not only a place to enjoy delicious food, but also a place to unwind or hangout with friends. So do not be surprised if now more and more cafes have sprung up in Jakarta with various concepts offered. One of them is Djournal House. Hearing the name, you might immediately remember Ismaya Group's coffee shop. Yes, the cafe that was just inaugurated last March is part of Djournal Coffee.

Although both carry the casual coffee shop concept, but Djournal House applies it more innovative than 'the brother'. Located in Gunawarman, the café in South Jakarta is designed with comfortable interior in a combination of dinner style and bar packed with industrial design lines with exposed concrete walls, and iron frames for ceilings. Warm shade radiates through wood elements and green plants.

Don’t want to eliminate Djournal Coffee character, at this new café, coffee is still become the mainstay menu. This is also because Djournal House has its own roasting machine to enrich the coffee taste. Then, what distinguishes these 'siblings'? Djournal House is not just a coffee shop, the place is also comes as a music bar. Guests will also be spoiled by live performances of local musicians every Wednesday and Friday night.

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As a music bar, the atmosphere of Djournal House is thick with music elements. Inside, you will find a rackin the corner of the room with a collection of vinyl by local and foreign musicians. Some of them even have the signature of the musicians. These vinyl collection are not just a sweetener for the room, but you can also buy it, as well as Djournal merchandise.

To spend the night, Djournal House also offers other drinks that are no less tempting, such as coffee cocktails, wine, and beer. Intrigued by coffee cocktail? You should try Aeropress Negroni. For the food? Don’t worry! Although it is a music bar, Djournal House also has a full food menu. Like Ricotta Hotcakes, soft waffle dishes topped with banana slices and honey-coffee sauce, perfect for your breakfast menu. For lunch or dinner, Spaghetti Chicken is just right for filling your stomach.



Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.