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A Heaven for the Desserts Lover!

A Heaven for the Desserts Lover!

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Another unique spot recommendation in Pantai Indah Kapuk, Cake-A-Boo. This place will be the heaven for you the dessert lovers because Cake-A-Boo offers many kinds of cakes and ice cream menu. Entering this café, you will feel like been brought to an ice cream factory because there are colorful pipes decorating this place that can also be seen from outside the café. No wonder, this dessert place will not only spoil your tongue but also spoil your eyes with the unique and cute appearance.

Named it Raspunzel, which is a raspberry mouse with pistachio brulee that has a cute red appearance with ribbon on it. There is also Nutella Burger, a dessert with a shape like burger but with red velvet bun and Nutella patty and various fresh fruits. So unique, right?

Besides ordering it in a usual way, you can also pick up the desserts right from the conveyor belt located on the side of some tables. This thing is usually found in a sushi restaurant, but now you can find it in a dessert place like Cake-A-Boo! Other than single portion, Cake-A-Boo also sells whole cake for you who are having a birthday or just want to bring it home. Before tasting the desserts here, you better get ready for a sweet ride!


Ruko Garden House Blok B-22, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara, Indonesia

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Minggu - Kamis: 11.00