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Camper, Footwear with Comfortable and Light EVA Outsole

By Eskanisa R

04 December 2019

Camper, trendy footwear with comfortable and light EVA outsole.

If you have read previous article about footwear products from Germany, Birkenstock, you probably curious about this worldwide famous footwear from Spain. Camper is one of the most popular footwear brands in Span has been produced in 1877.


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Antonio Fluxa as the founder of shoes factory in Majorca, named his first work as Camper. In 1975, Camper was officially opened to wider community by Antonio’s grandson, Lorenzo Fluxa who also redesigned Antonio’s work by combining traditional method and new fresh ideas to make Camper look way more modern. Although Camper was not produced directly in Spain, process of making the design carried out Spain vibes and gave the own characteristics on every collections of Camper.


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In Jakarta, you can spot outlet of Camper in high-end malls such as Grand Indonesia which designed with modern touch to provide a pleasant shopping experience for those who like the collections of Camper.


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Camper itself has trendy collections can be worn by men and women from boots, heels, sandals, sneakers which available in various neutral and some bold colours. Along with that, important thing to note while you are considering purchase new footwear is its soles. Camper using EV outsole which is the lightest inside and outside soles of a footwear compared to other types of outsoles including rubber ones. EVA outsole also known for its comfortable and flexibility, it simply makes any kind of Camper collections perfect for indoor and outdoor activities.  



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