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Cancelling Sent Message with Dmail

Cancelling Sent Message with Dmail


Have you ever made a mistake in an email and regret it later? A new email service named Dmail is here for you to solve that problem. Plus, it will make you easier to arrange your mail with Gmail account.

With Dmail, you can cancel email whenever you want. Not only that, this service can also protect your email so the receiver can’t forward the message to others.

Actually, there was already a feature for cancelling email before. Unfortunately, it does not work as expected. For example, Microsoft Outlook user in a company using Exchange Server can cancel and change message, but this facility is limited for company email address only. Gmail also has “unsend” feature to cancel email, but can only be used up to 30 seconds period after you send it.

Dmail is an extension browser on Google Chrome. You should install it first to use it. Later on, Dmail can be operated with different platform.

On August 2015 later, Dmail application for iOS will be launched, and then for Android devices after. This application will allow the users to send and receive Dmail straight from their smartphones.