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Captivating Breakfast to Dinner at Le Quartier

Spectr News Theme Victoria Tunggono
26, February 2016

Not only lunch and dinner, you can enjoy meals in Le Quartier from breakfast time. This restaurant serves quality French food with a modern European touch that will spoil your tongue. You must have heard the names of restaurants Ninety-Nine, Cassis, and Harum Manis? Well, Le Quartier has the same owner with those, so the quality is guaranteed to be as good.

Before you are heading to your office, you can have a breakfast here because they open at 7 a.m. While entering this restaurant you will feel the beautiful ambience of Paris because the interior is covered with a mural of modern Paris city. The name Le Quartier means a homey environment, so you will feel the comfortable being here.

For breakfast, you can try Buttermilk Pancakes that served with country style syrup, butter, and fruit salad. There are also Belgian Waffles or a heavier menu like Steak & Eggs. With a cup of quality coffee or tea of your selection, you will be energized in the morning.

For lunch there is Croque Madame, the sandwich served with choices of ham and comte cheese, Dijon mustard, and sunny side up. Or try the Assorted Mushroom Risotto that will satisfy your tummy. For dinner, you can order something fancier with Duck Foie Gras Au Torchon, which is goose liver served with fig chutney and brioche toast. Your dinner will be even more satisfying with a selection of quality wine. Bon appétit!

Victoria Tunggono
Victoria Tunggono