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Simple Guide to Invest in Gold for Beginners

By Eskanisa R

01 Aug 2019

Promising guide to invest in gold for beginners.

Nowadays, people start to recognize that gold is promising investment even for beginners. Gold considered as an item has stabile price and tend to rise along the time. If they face fluctuation, it will not too significant. For those who have extra money and have no plan to use in near future, you might be choose this long-term investment (gold) to get maximum profits next day. Here are simple guide for beginners to invest in gold.


Gold of ANTAM manufactured by PT ANTAM (Persero) Tbk. Each gold bar equipped with certificate to give you brief explanation of the dimensions, weight, grade also serial number of your gold. You can purchase golf of ANTAM at Business Unit of ANTAM while prepare for some documents include identity card. You can also purchase through authorized distributors of ANTAM such as PT Pegadaian.

2. Brankas Logam Mulia

To make people easier to buy gold from ANTAM, Logam Mulia’s Processing and Refining Business Unit of ANTAM offering you safe yet promising services of gold investment. Brankas itself as their product managed by PT ANTAM (Persero) Tbk. focus on purchasing, storing, reselling and printing.

Why they offer cheaper price? Because, gold from Brankas is unprinted. Along with that, they also offer higher resell price. You can register at Logam Mulia head office or gold boutique in regions in Indonesia by carrying identity card, taxpayer identification number and family card.

3. Online

Last but not least, you can try this simple way to invest in gold. A number of e-commerce in Indonesia such as Tokopedia facilitate users in buy gold. Tokopedia Emas cooperates with PT Pegadaian to make you easier to buy, save and sell gold with affordable prices. No worries, even you buy the gold online, they will converted into physical from of gold.

Tokopedia Emas supervised by Financial Services Authority (OJK). You also can get the opportunity to resell your gold in higher prices. Simply open the application of Tokopedia, click “Gold” then “Buy Gold”. Type nominal amount (rupiah) you want to invest, it will automatically appear in gram (gold) based on your nominal.