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Easy Ways to Improve Your Business with Instagram

By Eskanisa R

12 Aug 2019

Earn extra money for your business with Instagram.

There are so many ways to introduce as well as improve your current business, like Instagram. As the owner of your own business, first and foremost thing you should do is know your own characteristic. Specific thing make your business different than others. If you already find out, it makes people easier to identify your products or services among other similar products and services.

What kind of characteristic you need to ‘sell’ on Instagram? Unique name, appealing and consistent feeds, high resolution photo and video and persuasive caption to make Instagram users as well as your potential buyers know your products and services.

Take the advantage of good features on Instagram like Instastory. For example Poll Stickers, invite them to leave a simple polling. It could be an ideal way to improve your engagement. You also need to be a generous user which leaves comment or simple like other posts.

While you are leaving comment, it is okay to put the hashtag. Besides used to find your potential buyers, the right hashtag you use also makes other (Instagram) users easier to find related products or services (you offer). You can even create your own hashtag which is relevant to your business. Last but not least, find perfect time to post your photo or video without annoy your followers. For example, you can post during lunch time on weekdays or dinner time during weekend.