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CariJasa The Easy Way to Find Repairman

CariJasa The Easy Way to Find Repairman


Leaked roof, clogged sink, and other many household problems sometimes happened unexpectedly. If you can’t fix it yourself, what you can do is calling for help, right? Unfortunately, finding a reliable technician is not that easy. To answer this, now you can use a reparation service provider, CariJasa.

You can visit http://www.carijasa.co.id to find the service you need. First, you need to fill a form. The data sent will be matched with some service providers. And then, the provider will be sent the price details to be considered by you. After you make a deal, the service can continue. On CariJasa, there are lots of service types, such as cleaning service, moving service, computer reparation, interior design, tax consultant, catering, translator, videographer, even wedding organizer.

CariJasa is founded by Ravi Melwani who had experience in franchising industry. Through CariJasa, Ravi aims to collect the complete and up-to-date profile of service provider companies. With complete information, people will get to find the service easier based on what they need with the quality and comfortable security.