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Casual Bar You Should Visit Before Heading Back Home

By Eskanisa R

20 March 2020

Peron Skycafe, casual bar at Yello Hotel Manggarai to unwind and waiting for train.

Peron Skycafé is a rooftop café with modest bar you can spot at Yello Hotel Manggarai. For those who commuting every day, either leaving or returning at Manggarai Station may already familiar with this thematic hotel.


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Located within 1.7 km from Manggarai Station, Peron Skycafé could be your ideal choice to unwind while waiting for train before heading back home. It simply because, there is nothing more fun than ‘running away’ from boredom while waiting for train to head back home or traffic jam.


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Accompanied by mesmerizing sunset view, tiredness after struggling with piles of works slowly disappearing. This rooftop café as the name implies located at 9th floor of Yello Hotel Manggarai and can accommodate up to 150 visitors.


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To ensure you feel ease while killing time here, Peron Skycafé provides minimalist touch through wood decorations and dim lights. You can choose various drinks from coffees, teas, fresh juices, soft drinks, mocktails, vodka, whiskey, tequila, gin, cognac, liquor to wine start from Rp30.000.


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You can also taste delicious light bites to main courses at affordable prices from Rp15.000 such as Vegetable Bruschetta, Nachos a la PERON, Potato Swirls, Thai Chicken Salad, Mantau Punch-out!, The Dream Hot Dog, Kushiyaki Sampler and many more.  

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Peron Skycafé
Yello Hotel Manggarai, Jl. Minangkabau No. 9, Manggarai, Jakarta

Open Hours:

17.00 – 02.00 WIB

More Information:

Phone: 021 - 30428888