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Cayenne Selects Impeccable Quality Local Goods

Cayenne Selects Impeccable Quality Local Goods

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We all know, Kemang has everything that all Jakartans want. Kemang became a home for many stores who sell any kind of home décor and furnitures. And Cayenne is one of them.

Cayenne knows really well what it is aiming for by staying true to our country’s root. Though international home furnishing stores seem to mushroom nowadays, Cayenne still maintains an upper hand position, thanks to Dewi Haliman as the owner who astute decision to keep selling best local products.

At the beginning, Cayenne was just a furniture supplier imported from America. That’s why this store use Cayenne (one of ethnic group in America) as the name. Then, Dewi decided to make her own design and products. All the materials imported from workshops in some cities in Java.

Photo Source: @cayennehome

As such, not only Cayenne selects impeccable quality local goods, it also promotes local artists’ fine craftsmanship. Among those spotted in Cayenne is Ruma Manis’ ceramic plates, General Object’s straightforward cake stand and woven basket, and Dewi’s own designs that traverse from jewellery box to chair, bed frame, and more.

Cayenne design tend to be simple, but still modern and makes the product timeless. Dewi was not pegged on what’s trending now when she was designing her products. Her consistency makes Cayenne still exist while there are so many competitors out there.

Coupled with her modesty, as reflected by the store’s warmth and relaxed ambience, Dewi has also never been unforthcoming about the making process behind any specific types of furniture that is on display in Cayenne. It is pretty much obvious why Cayenne has garnered a bunch of regulars almost without trouble. Clearly, there’s no other place that best represent your home décor needs than Cayenne.


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