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Nostalgia Through 90s’ Snacks and Toys

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
03, October 2017

Missing your childhood snacks and toys so badly? You can easily find plenty old snacks like Jago Milk Chocolate, Confections Candy Cigarettes, Anak Mas noodle also Egg Skinks Candy in Cemal Cemil shop.

This simple small shop located in Kemang area, South Jakarta also offering you old toys mostly made of bamboo. Creative yet educative toys like gasing (traditional toy made of wood, played by spinning it with a string), perahu klotok (otok-otok boat made of used cans), Yo-Yo, monopoly board game also inflatable balloons popular around 80s – 90s bring your childhood memories back.

Its uniqueness welcomed with enthusiasm and positive reaction. There are many foreign tourist looking for distinguish souvenirs to bring home. In addition, Cemal Cemil also offering you unique piggy bank made of clay, rantang (stacking containers keep the food separated), Indonesia tea kettle, old glassware and thermos beside those snacks and toys.

There are 100 traditional toys and more than 50 old snacks you can get with affordable price starts from Rp4.000,- until Rp125.000,-. Another interesting fact about Cemal Cemil, you can order birthday package which snacks and toys wrapped by appealing and engaging goodie bag.

Pay a visit to their outlet in Kemang area, or other outlets in several malls and restaurants, like Giant, Hero, Sambara Restaurang and Bumbu Desa Restaurant.


Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani