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Stories of Coffee Taste

Stories of Coffee Taste

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This is one of the must-visit coffee shops in Jakarta for you coffee lovers. Cerita Kopi, a coffee shop located at Hang Lekir, offers various ranges of coffee. From original coffee such as espresso to the blended one. Cerita Kopi also has non-coffee menus for you who prefer Ice Chocolate to trending beverage flavors such as Red Velvet. To accompany your drink, you can order Cheesecake or Beef Roll on the pastry menu list.

The café is called Cerita Kopi because this place believes when you sip a cup of coffee, there can be a story behind it. The wall of this café is written with coffee history, the worldwide history, and also Indonesian coffee history. On the evening, this coffee shop is often crowded by the guests. No wonder, the interior design of this café is quite comfortable with wooden element. If you take a look in more detail, the hanging lamps in this café are cups that used as the lampshade. So creative and innovative, right?

The unique part also lies on the coffee machine next to their cashier table, that is used make cold drip coffee. There are three parts on the machine, the upper one for ice blocks, the middle part for coffee powder, and the lowest part is for the coffee product to be served. The making process of this cold drip coffee is 8 to 12 hours. The taste is also unique, you can taste Black Coffee and Caramel Coffee. Of course, this cold drip coffee is best consumed cold. Drinking a coffee has a different sensation with this cold drip coffee. It tasted light and refreshing! Really suitable to be a mood booster to finish your work.

The seats here are divided into two, indoor and outdoor. The indoor one has approximately 25 people which divided into six tables. While the outdoor one has two tables for 8 people. This is the right place to enjoy your coffee time!


Jl. Hang Lekir II No. 4C, Senayan, Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta 10270



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08.00 - 22.00