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Tasty and Exotic!

Tasty and Exotic!

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Amongst the line of fancy restaurants in Plaza Indonesia, there is a must-try fine dining restaurant: the Chandara Fine Thai Cuisine. There are not many fine dining restaurants in Indonesia serving Thai food, so this one is unique. Entering the room, you can feel the elegance from its interior with Buddha heads decorating the walls and unique chandelier made out of the wine glass.

The dishes are as interesting and surely appetizing. You can start with the appetizer Miang Karm. It is a fried prawn, grated coconut and peanuts wrapped in betel leaf and served with savory sauce. Miang Karm is not often found in other Thai restaurant in Indonesia.

Entering the main course, Neua Yang is the must-try menu, which an Australian sirloin meat that is grilled with Thailand herbs and spicy sauce. Of course, the famous refreshing Tom Yam Goong is also served here, along with fried rice, noodles, vermicelli rice, and beef menus. Your meal can be closed with something sweet like Thai Iced Green Tea or Mango Sticky Rice. Mmm… Yummy!


Plaza Indonesia, Level 1 Unit E18 E19 T, Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 28-30, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia.



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