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3 Choices of Staying Place in Jakarta

3 Choices of Staying Place in Jakarta


Choosing to stay in Jakarta is not an easy choice. You have to plan everything properly first from job, financial, to residence. Speaking of residence, there are some ways of living in Jakarta that can be your choice.

1. Housing
A house is usually chosen as a permanent place to stay for someone who already has permanent job, stabile income every month, and born in Jakarta. The benefit of having one is indeed easier for you to control the law or job requirement while you can save more money every month. Especially when you already have family, having a house will also make your family daily activities easier. But you have to take control of every parts of your house, means you have to look for the officers who can look after your house utility.

2. Apartment
If you want to feel a little bit of luxury and elegant way of life, try living in an apartment. With the services similar as hotel, you also don’t have to worry about the security and privacy because living in a building can guarantee you all of that. Besides, you will get some interesting facilities like gym, swimming pool, and sometimes mall. You will also be provided with furniture inside your room that already included with the rent charge. But the price is not cheap indeed, because besides you should pay for the rent you also should pay for other dues, which sometimes will not be as cheap as you live in housings. If you choose to buy the apartment and not only renting, you should remember that you will only have the Building Rights Title.

3. Rented House
Rented house or often called as kontrak (means: contract or rent) house is another choice for you. This will be more economical choice when you want to have the comfort and facility in housings but not having budget enough yet. A lot of rented houses already have the furniture inside, but some also just rent the house space without furniture. But if you choose to rent house, you cannot modify the building like what you want and the house owner name is still on behalf of someone else’s.