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Choose Your Own Ramen Level!

Choose Your Own Ramen Level!

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Hearing the word “ramen”, you may immediately think about this Japanese noodle soup dish. One of the ramen spots in Indonesia you should try is Ramen Sanpachi 38. The main menu is of course, Japanese ramen. But Ramen Sanpachi offers you levels of spiciness the scale of 1 to 10.

Thrilling enough, right? You can also choose the ramen flavor, such as Gomakara Ramen, Jigoku Ramen, or Chasumen Ramen. Gomakara Ramen is a ramen mixed with sesame soup, while Jigoku Ramen is the ramen with spiciest soup in Ramen Sanpachi. And Chasumen Ramen is a ramen with chicken and soup with mild flavor.

Besides ramen, Sanpachi also offer you other Japanese side dishes such as Niku Yasay Itame, Yaki Gyoza, Shumai, and Wantan Soup. Tasting the real Japanese flavor in a restaurant with Japanese-style interior will make you feel like really being in Japan! 


Kamome Supermarket, 1st Floor,


+62 21 7280-0268

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