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Christmas Gifts Idea for Your Beloved Ones

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
21, December 2018

How will you celebrate Christmas day? Exchange gifts? Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for parents, siblings, friends and loved ones? Here are some Christmas gifts recommendation you should not miss.

1. Perfume

Not only on Valentine’s Day, perfume turns out as a perfect gift for Christmas Day. Perfume is a personal gift. In other words, you can choose a perfume based on their personalities or something they like so much. The sweet aroma of flowers, fresh fruit are perfect choice for women, while musk and warm aroma of cinnamon are perfect for gents. If you are still confused, do not hesitate to ask the shop assistant to find the perfect one.  

2. Watch

This one could be the right gift for Christmas, either for your parents, siblings or loved ones. The timepiece not only keep them punctual but also complements their looks. You can choose a perfect watch based on some considerations, including skin colour and wrist size, make it comfortable to wear in daily activities.

3. Outer

You can give a knit or wool sweater to your parents as a Christmas gift. To keep them warm during cold weather, especially in this December, Indonesia enters rainy season. Or you can choose the leather one for your friends or loved ones to be worn while riding or a denim one to give more relax vibes.  

4. Glasses

When it comes to your parents, glasses is very useful to sharpen their visions, while for friends and loved ones, it has same benefit as well as helping balance out their features. Choose glasses based on face shape, skin, hair or eyes colours, its size also daily activities, whether used for reading, working in front of computer along day or fashion statement.

5. Bags

This one could be a perfect Christmas gift for your beloved ones. There are some considerations before you deciding to buy a bag, the most important thing to note is comfortable. Choose a bag with right size, not too big or small, hence can store your daily items. Along with that, choose the neutral one. It is quite easy to mix n match your daily outfits with neutral colour bag.

Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani