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Another Laptop Brand Competitor by Google

Another Laptop Brand Competitor by Google


Chromebooks is a laptop with Chrome Operating System made by Google. Introduced since 2011, Chromebooks fairly reaped success although the first market target was for school and business. But now, it seems that Chromebooks will win the market because on the first quarter of this year, its sales in USA were over the sale of its one of competitors, Mac. This laptop designed by Google is a Linux-based laptop. So Linux cannot be underestimated at this era, right? Besides producing by themselves, Google has also cooperated with vendors to launch Chromebooks, such as Samsung, Toshiba, LG, HP, Lenovo, Acer, ASUS, Dell, Haier, and Hisense.

Then, what is the exquisite thing offered by Chromebooks than other competitors? First, it is user-friendly. You just have to sign in with your Google account that will be synced continuously with your smartphone or Android tablet. So you can continue your work using Chromebooks laptop easily. Second, Chromebooks has built-in virus protection, your laptop will be protected from virus, malware, or the other unwanted things. You don’t have to install additional antivirus software in Chromebooks.

The third, the battery of this laptop is durable, like the newly launched Samsung Chromebook 3 which has 11 hours of battery life! Well, it seems you don’t have to bring charger when leaving the house with this laptop, right? Last but not least, recently Google has announced their Android Chromebooks application, where the users can download various apps from Google Play Store. Can you imagine how many games you can play with Chromebooks? Let’s pray for Chromebooks can be sold freely in Indonesia soon.