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A Place to Enjoy Coffee and Cocktails at Once

A Place to Enjoy Coffee and Cocktails at Once

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Coffee and cocktails are two different kinds of drink. But, both of them can be your choice of drink to accompany your relax time. Moreover, if both coffee and cocktails are enjoyed at the same place. Yup! Chronicle is one of cafes that serves coffee and also cocktails. Located in Dharmawangsa and in the same building with Union Yoga, this place will surely make you want to stay longer with domination of wooden colors and minimalist design.

Several types of coffee like Espresso, Gibraltar, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, and Filter can be found here starting from the price of Rp25.000,- only. And for the cocktails, you can find it mixed with coffee! Such as C&C which is a mix of espresso with beer, bourbon, and cinnamon. Or you can choose Espresso Martini which is a mix of tequila, vanilla, and espresso. Hmm… makes you curious, right?

If you are not a coffee person, relax… because Chronicle also serves other drinks menu such as tea, beer, and also juice. If you are hungry, you can find several food menus which should not be missed. From Indonesian, Italian, to Western cuisine are all available here. Name it Bakmi Ayam Truffle, a bowl of chicken noodle cooked with truffle oil. Wow, fancy! There are also pasta dishes such as Seafood Spaghetti and Spaghetti Carbonara, to Western ones such as Fish & Chips Burger or Chronicle Sandwich. If you want a relaxing coffee time, just come to Chronicle!


Jl. Wijaya 2 No. 73, Dharmawangsa, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia



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