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Class Differences in Train

By Isny Dewi R

27 December 2019

Class differences in long-distance train.

Most of you probably already know passenger classes in long-distance trains. For those who don't know yet, each train series is divided into two to three classes, they are economy class, business class and executive class. But apparently there is also a new class, premium class. Each class has different facilities and rates of course, including passenger capacity. Following is explanations of class differences in long-distance train.

1. Economy Class
This class is the third class with the most passenger capacity, ranging from 80 to 106 passengers. In recent years, facilities in economy class has many changes, ranging from central air conditioning, electrical sockets, luggage racks to put passengers things, and toilets.

Today's economy class is also more comfortable than it was a few years ago, because street vendors and buskers have been banned from entering the train. Seats in economy class face each other, there are 2-2 and 3-3. The rates for this long distance train class is also very cheap, starting at Rp. 45,000.

2. Business Class
The second class in the long-distance train has air conditioning, TV, luggage racks, rotary seats, toilets, and sockets. This class has capacity of up to 64 passengers. Seats in business class are not face to face, but there are also those that can be arranged face to face. The cheapest fare for this class is around Rp. 100,000.

3. Executive Class
This class is the highest passenger class in trains. This can be seen from the ticket price of which is more expensive than other classes. Facilities in executive class include air conditioning, TV, luggage racks, non-facing seats, reclining seats, rotary seats (seat can be rotated), footrests, reading lamps, dining tables, toilets, and sockets. Some train circuits even have WiFi. The passenger capacity in executive class only 50 passengers.

4. Premium Class
This class is the newest train class. Inside there are facilities such as AC, TV, non-facing seats, reclining seats, touch screens, reading lights, electric sockets, and toilets. This class has a capacity of up to 64 passengers.

Top Photo Credit: Instagram @pilococo

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